MirageBot is a autobot for mirage realms , it is capable of auto walk,kill,loot, and nourishment(food).

Create custom maps according to your needs!

Personalize your bot functionality using all options available ! Don't lose time on farming, give it a try!

Mirage Realms In-Game Settings: 



Mirage Bot Download

Maps Pack Download


Before starting be sure you have setup ankulua and is working

Change your game language to englis

Mirage Bot uses 16:9 aspect ratio so your resolution should be :

  • 852x480
  • 1280x720 (Recommended)
  • 1365x768
  • 1600x900
  • 1920x1080

More Resolutions

Bot Menu

Configs Management - will allow user to create different configurations for different game setups you may have.

  • Edit - Edit currently selected Config

  • New - Create new Config

  • Delete - Delete currently selected Config

Device Info - tells user what resolution they are currently using.

Login - You must first login using this option to enable Pro (Full Mode) with no restrictions.

Stats Collector will also keep track of your kills and which mobs you kill the most etc...


Config Options and what they do

General Settings
Alternative Click Turn on and off Alternative Click
Humanoid Click Turn on and off Humanoid clicking for better anti detection
Active UI Information Will spit out verbose in a bar on the screen for debugging purposes
Attack settings
Interval in seconds  change this based on lag, and how fast you would like to walk etc... default is .8 seconds per step
Fight timer (how long before giving up a fight) default is 1 min, user can change according to area/lvl
Turn on fight timer  turn fight timer on and off
Turn on for auto heal potion turn on auto potion healing
Percent of health to trigger potion This will set the percent of your health bar where you want the potion to activate. Far left is 0, far right is 100%.
Chase Down Mobs

WARNING!!!! This option sometimes will have issues where if it lags and things like that. I recommend only using this in straight lines, or small routes.

Map Selection
Select Map Choose which style of hunting.  Step by Step, walks and checks for mobs 1 step at a time. (careful using this in front of people looks botty sometimes if not used properly).  Floating Step, this is my recommended setting for hunting, it is not as accurate as step by step but far less noticeable. I also recommend using small paths, or using up/down, left/right type line patterns for walking.  Training Mode, will stand in one single spot forever and collect/kill mob that comes within range, this mode still uses pot healing normal food detection like other hunting modes.
Map Edition
up_down_random  will walk randomly up and down up to 20 steps in either direction
left_right_random  will walk randomly left and right up to 20 steps in either direction
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