Getting Started

An overview of Mercobots, how to download ,use and more.


In order to run mercobots you will need:

  • Device Admin privileges (root)
  • Ankulua PRO installed
  • Ankulua Licence - how to buy
  • Bot file (*.luae)

Root skip this if you are using emulator

Ankulua needs admin privileges, so your device need to be rooted or as alternative you can install daemon.

To root your device there is many tutorials online how to do it, just type your device model + root or you can try kingRoot, is a one click root tool and Free to use

Rooting carries a risk and may void your device's warranty.

Installing Daemon

As root alternative you can install daemon but for this you need a computer and if your device need to reboot for some reason, you will need to install the daemon again.

Daemon Installation   Tutorial


AnkuLua is an Android app that focus on the automation of any Android app.



Mercobots are NOT the owner of ankulua , we use it to run all ours bots script

For any related question you should contact directly the app admin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Theres are 2 ankulua app, the ankulua trial run-time limitation (30 minutes + 3 minutes cooldown) and the ankulua pro, so if you are new here we recomend to download the trial one and test

Ankulua Trial  Download

Ankulua should look like this after installed

click Settings button

Enable the following options

  • Hide daemon/root check success dialog
  • Automatically start service
  • File browser uses root
  • Use /sdcard as the temporary file folder

Scroll down and enable the remaining options

  • Alternative Click (Important)
  • Enable network functions(Important)

Hit ok button to save

Bot Script Installation

Once ankulua installed and configured we are able to run any script bot from here

Now create a new folder and name it as you wish, go over bots page, download the bot and save it in the new folder.

Click Select Script button

Browse and select script bot downloaded previously

1 Go up a folder

2 Current looking path

3 Tap to select folder,file or script

Now just click Start Service button and hit play button

Final review

Since "Automatically start service" is activated, from now on, each time you start ankulua app just hit play button to run script

Auto start script

Is possible to auto run bot sctipt once ankulua start, go back to ankulua settings and active "Automatically run script when starting service"

Some ankulua buttons are missing !!!

If your device doesn't show all ankulua buttons, don't worry is not a bug or bad installation

There is 2 possibility to show them:

1 - Click the button with "3 vertical dots" at upper right

2 - Your device should have a physical button to show app menus see image

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