Bluestacks Root BSTweaker

This tutorial will show you how to root bluestacks using Tweaker!

First  download tweaker software  https://bstweaker.tk/, then uncompress it.

You bstweaker folder structure should look like this, open BlueStacksTweaker5.exe

Once bstweaker opened, be sure bluestacks ligth is red(1), in case bluestacks light is green , just tap "full stop BS" button (2) and wait until the light switches.
Select root tab(1), and tap unlock(2) , wait until you see Unlock:true  (3)
Go back to main tab(1), start bluestacks (2) , wait until bluestacks and ADB light switch to green (3), usually this happens right after bluestacks engine  finish initialisation!
At this point you should have bluestacks running and rooted, is time to final steps, go to root tab once more(1), click on patch button and wait a few seconds(2) , install SuperSU app (3), and update Su Binary (4), wait until all previous button are enabled again to click!

Video Manuals

bstweaker offers several videos manuals, please refer https://bstweaker.tk/bstweaker.
This one show's how to Root BlueStacks 4, install SuperSU 2.82-SR5 and update su binary.
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