Config guide

Remember some options are in experimental phase and can be changed,replaced or deleted from haybot

General Settings
Image Similarity set the default minimum similarity for find operations
Value - Value must be between 0.7 - 0.9
only change this value if your bot can't detect some images
Alternative Click Enable/Disable if haybot does not perform any click or move
Disable config on start Active to hide haybot config at startup.
This option is useful when using Third-party software combined with ankulua "Automatically run script when starting service"
Auto Start Hayday Enable to auto start hayday
If you are using ankulua trial set "Hayday restart method" to alternative
Hayday restart method Set haybot method for hayday restarts.
Normal - Uses ankulua functions (Only for ankulua Pro)
Alternative - Uses haybot functions
This affect all reconnections and hayday app restarts
Reconnection attempts Set how many times haybot try reconnect if hayday connection goes down
Time between each reconnection attempts Set time in minutes between each reconnection
Debug (slow the bot)
Logging Enable to keep bot events, all log files will be saved at bot_folder/reports/ folder
Debug mode Enable, shows all images matches and their respective regions
Active UI information Enable, Shows bot steps to user.
each message takes ~ 0.15S to show / hide
Game Debug
Debug Haybot Choose the way haybot should see and debug hay day if it get stuck or loses connection
Game is alive - Check if game is alive looking through newspaper, if not will restart the game
Force restart - Restart hay day app after given time
Time between each debug Set timeout in minutes for debugger take action
Crops Select crop to plant, harvest, RSS sell and visitors sell
Available - Wheat, Corn, Carrot, Soybean and Sugarcane
Speed Set movement speed to plant/harvest
Recomended - X8
Density Set how many interval movement for 1 row (moving down or up)
Recomended - X2
x1 interval = half field size, 2 intervals = 1 field size , and so on
Area Set margin between movement down and up for each row
Recomended - X5
Land squares - left/right side Set the total fields number from left and right side
RSS (Roadside Shop)
Boxes Set how many RSS boxes you have
Minimum crop to keep Set the minimum crop to keep when selling
Active advertisement when Select how to advertise
Always - Will always advertise
No sells - Will only advertise when not sold
Delay between advertisements Add a delay in minutes between each AD activation!
If delay is set to 0 the activations take place 5 in 5 minutes
RSS - Price
Price Select price to sell
Available - Minimum , Normal , Maximum or Custom
Prices can be manually adjusted, change Button press time option
The following options only take effects if you select PRICE - CUSTOM
[Custom] Use Button Select button to be clicked, plus or less
[Custom] Button press time Set how many time in seconds, button plus or less, will be clicked
Sell to visitors Allow sells to visitors, this only sell crop selected at Farming config
Options avaible for all machines
* {machines} = Honey extractor , Bakery , Feed mill, etc
Use {Machine} script Allow haybot to use {machine} script!
Product The product to be produced!
Sell Product Coming soon
Multi-Products Coming soon
Machine location This option will be replaced to Auto detect machine in a future version
This will move your screen to find your machines
None - Search for the machines without moving the screen
Upper Right - move screen to upper right and search for machines
Humanoid Click Enable/Disable to simulate human click (random click at specific region)
Calculate starting position This will be replaced to Auto detect my crop in a future version
Enable to allow haybot calculate the 1º field location, this option don't require haybal decoration
Starting position - left top side
Starting position - left bottom side
set the total fields number between restricted area and 1º field
Account Switch Switch between google accounts, to work properly all accounts must be logged and available to choose
How many accounts - Set available accounts to choose, up to 5
Switch account after - choose when the switch account should start, after a loop or by timer
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